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july 2023

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Women in Security MENU

Special Report: Women in Security 2023

Security magazine presents the honorees of our 2023 Women in Security program, representing the highest caliber of security leadership, dedication and skill within the security industry.

This year’s nine Women in Security have shaped their organizations, the security field and the lives of their communities in a number of ways. From government security leaders to healthcare and transit security executives, we are honored and humbled by the number of security leaders who are accomplishing great things within their organizations and the greater security industry as a whole.

Female security professionals come from varied backgrounds, just like all security leaders, and their stories are unique and diverse. Here, we attempt to give readers a small glimpse into the professional journeys, challenges, perspectives and accomplishments of a few women who continue to positively impact their organizations, their specialties, the security industry and the future generation of security leaders.

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