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Product Spotlight

On IP Video Surveillance

By Maria Henriquez, Associate Editor

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Connects Security Systems, Sensors and Data

Genetec’s Security Center (v5.10) allows more system components to run in the cloud, reducing the gap between cloud and on-premises security systems. It also makes it easier to connect external systems and tap external data for use in dashboards, maps and investigations without relying on complex, specialized integrations. Version 5.10 brings enterprise video surveillance customers new options to facilitate their migration to the cloud as well as support flexible hybrid-cloud architectures. Taking a step further toward unified, enterprise Video-Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS), the new version of Security Center Omnicast — the video management system of Security Center — enables the use of tiered cloud and on-premise storage to manage short- and long-term video archives according to customer needs.

Find out more at www.genetec.com

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Video Surveillance Under any Light Conditions

Axis M4206-V/LV Network Cameras are manufactured with 40% recycled plastic and can be discretely installed. Equipped with IR illumination and WDR, the cameras are designed to capture video with clarity and sharpness in all lighting conditions. Additionally, the field of view can be adjusted remotely with a varifocal lens and remote zoom and focus capabilities. With a viewing angle up to 100 degrees, the cameras deliver 3MP for wide 4:3 view and 1080p for 16:9 aspect ratio.

Find out more at www.axis.com


Provides Enhanced Monitoring and Surveillance

The Hanwha Wisenet X Series Plus, available in either 2 or 5MP indoor or outdoor configurations, utilize magnets to lock sensor modules into the housing for instant snap-installation. When installing, electricians can run conduit with a single PoE connection to the mounting plate without the camera base, module and top cover, allowing security professionals to snap the camera and cover into place. Features enable pre-recorded audio messages to be triggered by in-camera analytics, which are then played out from the camera’s audio output connection. Other features include built-in analytics for enhanced cybersecurity, increasing operating temperatures, new gyro sensors that provide shock detection and increased tilt angles.

Find out more at www.HanwhaSecurity.com

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Equipped With Highly Sensitive Thermal and Optical Sensors

Hikvision’s DS-2TD1217-3/V1 is a thermal-optimal DeepinView turret camera. It is available with 2/3/6 mm thermal lens, including deep learning and GPU-powered video content analysis for efficient perimeter defense, early fire detection, and prevention and predictive maintenance with high-image quality. Smart features include line crossing, intrusion, region entrance/exit with human and vehicle filtering, temperature exception and cigarette smoking detection.

Find out more at www.hikvision.com


Detects and Analyzes Moving Objects While Suppressing Unwanted Alarms

Bosch’s AUTODOME IP starlight 7000i incorporates the latest in video analytics, starlight technology, and video streaming. Features include starlight imaging technology for low-light sensitivity and intelligent video analytics. Even under the most challenging light conditions, the 30x PTZ dome camera delivers high definition (HD) 1080p video. The camera is available in either an outdoor pendant housing or an indoor, in-ceiling housing.

Find out more at www.boschsecurity.com

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Allows for Advanced Motion People Detection

Honeywell’s 30 Series IP Cameras are a new suite of video cameras that strengthens building safety and security through advanced analytics and secure channel encryption. With the cameras, end users can also benefit from lower total cost of ownership and lower risk as well as improved picture quality without increased storage needs. The Honeywell 30 Series Micro Dome camera works with the full range of Honeywell NVR/VMS and also integrate with many popular third-party VMS platforms to support customer use in existing installations.

Find out more at www.security.honeywell.com


Features Seamless Stitching, Immersive Views, WDR

Pelco’s Optera 180-degree, 270-degree, and 360-degree cameras offer panoramic viewing and immersive views. Optera 180-degree cameras have four image sensors with a 4.8 mm fixed lens for wide area coverage of a horizontal scene, while Optera 360-degree cameras provide video of multiple locations with a stitched and blended display. Features include up to 12MP resolution for better detail at distances, up to 30 frames per second, and Optera’s Panomersive Modes include the original h.264 option and a new uni-stream option to accommodate more VMS platforms.

Find out more at www.pelco.com

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March Networks

Ideal for Parking Lots, Big Box Stores and Transit Stations

March Networks' ME3 and SE2 PTZ cameras provide security for large indoor and outdoor spaces. They are ideal for parking lots, big box stores and transit stations where the cameras are able to incorporate electronic image stabilization and HDR. Their Universal Power over Ethernet (UPoE) ensures zero downtime by switching to PoE when a camera loses power. Built-in PTZ auto-tracking uses motion detection to automatically track a person or object, keeping the image centered and in focus. It includes a 40X zoom lens to capture objects and IR LEDs for illumination in total darkness at a distance of more than 200 m. All models offer Low Bit Rate compression to improve bandwidth and storage efficiency.

Find out more at www.marchnetworks.com