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Nearly Half of American Employees Experiencing Burnout during the Pandemic

ClickUp’s "The 2021 Workplace Pulse" survey, conducted by The Harris Poll, sheds light on how employees feel about the changing workplace over the past year, including the sudden shift to remote work, new challenges around managing work and life balance, and gaps in workplace communication and coordination.

The shift to remote work due to the pandemic is one of the biggest permanent changes the workforce will likely see this century and companies must adapt to the increased flexibility that employees have become accustomed to, without a loss of business objectives.

The survey found that more than one-half of employed Americans (54%) will not work for a company that doesn’t offer the flexibility of working remotely at least some of the time. This sentiment is highest among those ages 35-44 (65%) and 18-34 (63%), as well as those in the Northeast (63%).

Nearly half (45%) would give up 10% of their salary in order to have an easier work life. This percentage increases to 60% of males aged 18-34 and 56% of parents with kids under 18. The report found 48% of employees struggle balancing work and home life.

Reducing stress at work is so important to employees, that 46% say they would even choose to add stress at home in exchange for less stress at work. This sentiment is highest among those aged 18-34 (57%) and higher among parents with kids under 18 (54%) than those without (40%).

The survey also found that many employees are struggling with workplace productivity and engagement. More than half of employed Americans (51%) say they lose at least one hour per day being inefficient at work, and the causes are often as simple as email overload or disconnect from their team on tasks and projects. The message is clear — it is essential for businesses to optimize the workplace to meet these growing challenges.

Read Security's feature article from CSO and Editorial Advisory Board member Steve Antoine on the subject of burnout here.

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Cybersecurity and Geopolitical Video Podcast – March 2021 episode

Security brings a monthly Cybersecurity and Geopolitical video podcast (vodcast) to our readers as a discussion on the latest news and issues affecting countries, industries, security and risk professionals, and their enterprises around the globe. Listen now!

In this month’s March 2021 podcast, Ian Thornton-Trump (Cyjax CISO) is joined by Tristan de Souza (Editor and Head of Communications at Cyjax) to look at the exploitation of Microsoft Exchange Server vulnerabilities by Chinese threat actors, explore the SolarWinds debacle, analyze cybercrime’s effect on the American recovery, and talk about the need for continued education against fake news.

To listen (and watch!), please visit www.securitymagazine.com/cyber-and-geopolitical-vodcast.

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The Security Benchmark Report Survey is Now Open!

The 2021 Security Benchmark Report survey is now open. How does your security program compare with other companies in your market sector? How do the roles and responsibilities of your security program match up with your peers? What leading trends and management ideas can we learn from The Security Benchmark Report?

The Security Benchmark Report (formerly the Security 500 report) showcases the security profession's organizations and serves to examine the maturity of a company’s enterprise security program. This report includes a breakdown of the roles and responsibilities of security within the enterprise, along with the biggest challenges and targets for where billions of dollars will be invested to manage enterprise risk and improve security as identified in the annual Security Benchmark Survey.

Pass the survey to the person in charge of enterprise security within your organization and don't miss the chance to be a part of a valuable, metrics-driven report. Thank you to our Security readers for your editorial support in pursuing this program, now in its 15th year!

The survey will close on July 31, 2021. Data will be reported in Security's November digital edition and online.

Fill out the survey or learn more here: https://survey500.secure-platform.com/a/organizations/main/home.

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